10 Best Beach Blankets & Mats in 2023

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As temperatures increase everyone flocks to the beach with their small beach towels. But what if we told you that getting a blanket that’s specifically designed for the beach will make your days much more enjoyable?

The perfect beach blanket for you will depend on a variety of things. To help narrow your search, we’ve researched the top options so you can find the one that fits you best.

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Best Beach Blanket Comparison Table

Below is a list of the best beach mats. Click on the name to read reviews and check prices.

What To Look For in a Good Beach Blanket

With so many options on the market, here are the main things to consider before purchasing a beach blanket.

1. Material

The material of the blanket will affect many things like resistance to water and comfort. The higher end blankets are made from a parachute nylon material. This material is tear-proof and super durable. Fleece is another popular material. The only problem with fleece is that it absorbs water, so you’ll want to be sure your fleece blanket has a waterproof base layer.

2. Size

How many people do you anticipate sitting on the blanket at once? That should determine the size you get. A 12’ x 12’ blanket can fit a good sized group, while a blanket that’s only 6’ x 9’ can only fit between two and three people. The larger the size the higher the weight and the more storage being taken up. 

3. Portability

Especially if you’ll be backpacking or hiking with the blanket, it’s important that it be easy to carry and that it packs down small so as not to take up too much space in your backpack. Some beach blankets will even come with a handle for easier carry.

4. Weight

While we typically want every piece of travel gear to be as light as possible, it may not always be the case with beach blankets. A super light blanket will easily blow away in the wind, which is why it’s important to make sure your blanket has, at minimum, weighted corners. Even though they do add additional weight, weighted corners will make your blanket more secure. If there are not weighted corners, there may be stakes instead. 

5. Resistance to Water

A blanket with a waterproof backing means the water won’t seep through the blanket and get you wet. Many layered blankets will have a waterproof bottom and a comfortable top layer, with some even having a middle layer for additional cushion. 

6. Resistance to Sand

There are few things more frustrating than having sand in your clothes and shoes. Blankets that are resistant to sand will allow the sand to easily fall off when shaken.

7. Functionality

If you’re constantly at the beach, then this may not be a concern for you. However, if you enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, consider getting a blanket that can accompany you to a number of different outdoor venues. Some of the best blankets are multi-purpose, so not only can you use them at the beach, but they also work well if you’re doing things like having a picnic or attending an outdoor concert.

8. Ease of Cleaning

It’s likely that eventually you’ll end up spilling food, drinks, and sunscreen on the blanket, so make sure you know how easy it is to clean. Not all blankets are machine washable. If it’s not machine washable then it’s probably best to make sure it’s able to be easily cleaned with a warm cloth.

Best Sand Free Beach Blanket Reviews

Now that you know what to look for in a high quality beach blanket, here are the best blankets for the beach on the market today.