iOS 16.3 brings iCloud Advanced Data Protection feature to the UK

icloud advanced data protection

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can now enable iCloud Advanced Data Protection — which offers end-to-end encryption for almost all data stored in iCloud, including messages, photos, and device backups. The feature is activatable once users upgrade to iOS 16.3, currently in developer beta, with a public release expected next week.

Under the default setup, Apple retains the keys to decrypt your iCloud data on their servers. This is required to support account recovery and other features.

But for users wanting ultimate data protection, iCloud Advanced Data Protection allows users to encrypt their iCloud data with their own device passcode so that Apple doesn’t have a key. This means that even if Apple’s servers were hacked, the intruders would not be able to read your personal data without knowing your passcode.

iCloud Advanced Data Protection rolled out at the end of last year with iOS 16.2 in the United States. Apple promised to make the feature available around the world in 2023. iOS 16.3 delivers on that promise with the expansion to the UK.

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